Dillon Construction Services, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company specializing in Interior plasters and exterior Stucco applications. Entrenched in the realm of Historical Restoration as well as High End Residential and Commercial design, the DCS team has operated out of the Southeast since 1988 with office locations in both Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.


As a collaboration of expert plasterers, the DCS team is renowned for their attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship. Lead by Kirk & Lance, the team has developed over the years into one of the country’s leading experts on proper Preservation techniques for both exterior stuccos, lime mortars, brick and brownstone repair along with interior ornamental and flat wall plaster restoration. Under the experienced leadership of the DCS team, the firm works hard to revive the dying art of the plasterer – placing a focus and emphasis on the training and knowledge of the use of historically authentic materials and proper preservation techniques.

As a team we are committed to the built environment we are restoring and constructing anew for generations to come. Traditional techniques and innovative technologies are what drive our building ethic and each project is unique and exciting – providing us with challenges and opportunities to create the highest quality interior and exterior spaces.

Working with architects, designers, general contractors, and home owners alike allows us to bring the vision of the project to fruition in a prompt and eloquent manner.

Product Certifications –

  1. Sto Corporation – Certified Applicator
  2. US Heritage Group – lime tuck-pointing/brick repair
  3. PYROK Acoustical Plastering Systems
  4. Cathedral Stone – Jahn Mortars
  5. Master of Plaster – Venetian Plaster/Caenstone/Restoration Systems


The Team

Founded by Kirk Dillon, the Columbia office began in 1988 with the Charleston office opening five years later. Known for their quality of craftsmen and commitment to quality, the DCS team has become one of the leaders in the SE region in Historic Restoration work. Highly skilled in the trowel trades, the firm is acclaimed for creating new, high quality designed interiors and exteriors for residential and commercial spaces as well. Our work can be seen throughout the Southeast and up and down the Eastern shore board, gracing modern private estates from the 21st century and all the way to some of America’s most important original structures from the 17th century.

The Charleston office has been entrenched in Charleston’s preservation efforts after the damaging effects of Hurricane Hugo to Charleston’s built environment in 1989. Working closely alongside the efforts of Mayor Riley the DCS team was a crucial player in establishing and developing the city of Charleston’s authentic preservation ethic that has helped establish it as a leader in today’s Preservation standards. Whether focused on preservation efforts or new design/build constructions, Dillon Construction Services is a leader in the industry and views their craft as one of the highest forms of artistic expression.

Kirk Dillon

Founder and President

Kirk has established himself as a leader in the Preservation Profession. Having spent a career entrenched in the restoration and construction fields Kirk has a passion for the authentic and an appreciation for quality construction. Awards and Recognition include:

  • Samuel Gaillard Stoney Conservation Craftsmanship Award
  • Carolopolis Award presented by the Preservation Society of Charleston
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award
  • Historic Preservation Honor Award presented by Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation
  • 2003 National Preservation Honor Award presented by National Trust for Historic Preservation
  • South Carolina Historic Preservation Honor Award

Lance Dillon

Vice President

Lance is responsible for the over site of all work performed out of the Charleston office. This includes site review and development of work plans in coordination with Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors. He is responsible for the coordination and scheduling of projects in conjunction with the DCS project managers and project superintendents to assure the safety, schedule adherence, and proper performance of work.

Mark Hiers

Project Manager

As Project Manager Mark coordinates the management of projects on site and coordinates details of the construction schedule. Production as it relates to scheduling, safety, material procurement, a include his many responsibilities. Mark’s expertise is unparalleled and his hand’s work can be seen all throughout the city of Charleston and surrounding architectural community.

James Burnette

Project Manager

James is responsible for providing direction, assistance, and training to all field personnel. His role includes supporting a project’s management by insuring the proper installation and timely completion of work as well as the enforcement of safety procedures.

Earl Harmon


Earl is responsible for providing direction, assistance, and training to all field personnel. His role includes supporting a project’s management by insuring the proper installation and timely completion of work as well as the enforcement of safety procedures.

Diane Dillon

Chief Financial Officer

As a CPA, Dee’s role includes all the necessary functions to make a business run. She’s constantly managing project documentation, as well as all financial functions.  She works daily with both Dillon personnel and contractors/owners to make sure each project is current. She has a deep rooted passion for historic structures and is always excited by the different projects that are carried out by the firm.

Hank Bauer

Recently retired, Hank served the DCS team as Executive Director of the Charleston office. His expertise is renowned and he has created a culture of proper preservation ethics within the surrounding building construction community. Although Hank still serves the DCS team in a consulting capacity, he leaves behind a legacy of authenticity and expert craftsmanship within the trades.

Training & Safety

A high emphasis is placed on training and safety regulations with each new project. It is Dillon Construction Services policy that accident prevention be a prime concern of all employees. This includes the safety and wellbeing of our employees, associate contractors, and customers – as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations and damage to property and equipment. Our commitment to both safety and quality has led us to directly employing all of our workers. This standard has led to our consistent EMR of .79.

Training and education is viewed as an on-going process within the team – from the rapidly advancing field of stucco and eifs, to the art of scagliola to the olde world trades of parging, the DCS team travels to train and align themselves with experts in the field and trade.


Our goal is to provide quality craftsmanship and an expert level of integrity to the construction trades. Specializing in interior plaster and exterior facades has allowed DCS to become leaders in the industry and complete work to the highest degree. Training the next generation of tradesmen is an important focus of ours so we can advance these critical building trades on to future generations. Our vision is that education and collaboration go hand in hand when ensuring each unique project is a success and each design/build process is a fulfilling realization.