Our services include a wide range of Interior and Exterior finishes

along with custom ornamental plaster creation, installation, and restoration.


Lime Stucco

Used for Centuries across the world, original stuccos, consisted of soft lime mortars and that allowed buildings to breath and were compatible with historically softer bricks and mortars.  As a truly all natural green building product Lime Stucco had many applications in a variety of mix designs.  We have committed ourselves to the study of old world stuccos in both recreating and restoring these fine hand applied finishes.  Whether you require a custom mix ratio or aggregate profile we will work with your team to provide the most historically accurate façade for your project.


Unmatched in versatility, strength and durability, historic interior plasters are an integral part of a buildings historical fabric.  The evolution of plaster has seen many changes throughout the centuries with an evolution from lime based plasters to quicker setting gypsum plasters. We can help you identify the best materials and process for bringing your historical walls and ceilings back to life.  Whether you’re looking to save a failing wall or ceiling or installing 21st century upgrades such and electrical or plumbing.  Many times a plaster wall or ceiling can be saved even when it appears to be beyond repair.

Lime Mortars and Pointing

Found in nearly every historical structure stone and masonry structures are held together by their mortar joints.  Subject to deterioration these joints require repair and maintenance over time to insure the structural integrity of the buildings they support.  Pointing is the process of removing deteriorated mortars from a building and replacing with new like mortars.  Although, thought of as a simple process the procedures, oversight and material used for performing the work are very specific and require great skill and knowledge.  Improper removal, materials and replacement of mortars can greatly accelerate the failure of a buildings structure.  Let our master masons work with your team to help design a process to secure and restore your structure today.

Brownstone/Stone Repair

Brownstones along with Lime Stones come from the Sandstone Family and are popular Architectural features in historic buildings.  Their susceptibility to salts, water intrusion and weathering along with their intricate carved details often require a skilled restoration professional to perform repair work.  It is crucial that the proper restoration materials, color matching, stone preparation and application be used to achieve a long lasting and seamless sandstone repair.

Terra Cotta Tile

Terra-Cotta, meaning cooked earth, is a mix of high grad clays and sand, which molded and fired at extreme temperatures to gain a higher strength than standard historic clay bricks.  Deterioration and or failing of the terra-cotta often times jeopardizes both the piece that is visual and the underlying structural support system whether that is masonry, steel or a combination of the two.  This makes repairing terra-cotta both very technical and often times difficult depending on location of the failing pieces.  Great care has to be taken to create a matching profile and color as well as reinforcing the underlying structure and insuring future deterioration does not continue.



We perform installation of both new Conventional Stucco and EIFS.  Over the past 15 years these two systems have seen rapid development in dealing with moisture/vapor intrusion and continuous insulation system.  As a certified applicator our employees are trained to install the latest system to provide you with a long lasting beautiful façade with up to a 15 year manufacturer material warranty.

Decorative Plaster

For centuries plasters have been used as a decorative wall finish to provide the highest quality of wall finish.  We work with all natural lime plasters and employ a wide variety of application techniques to create unique job specific finishes that are also natural lime based finishes that are great for the environment.  Our designs and finishes are endless and we work with architects, designers and owners to create both a color, texture and feel that accentuates your space.

Acoustical Plaster

As a certified applicator of Pyrok Acoustement Plaster and their Star Silent System we can provide your large assembly facilities with state of the art acoustical plaster systems.  From textures to ultra smooth finishes Pyrok’s systems offer the highest quality sound absorbing materials that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

Ornamental Plaster

America’s ornamental plaster roots trace back to early European classical styles.  America’s ornamental plaster details and designs flourished throughout the US until the mid-1930.  As a company we are dedicated to the old hand made traditional plaster carvings and moldings that adorn almost every historic structure in America.  We are experienced in preserving, replicating and the new design of plaster details including carving cornices, rosettes, medallions, friezes etc.